Microblading and Nano Needle Brow Couture

Microblading, Digital Nano Hair Strokes and/or Powder Effect Fill

Includes brow couture tweezing, shaping,

numbing agent, customized brow design, aftercare and 6-8 week post visit touchup.

Please schedule an Initial Consultation for color patch test prior to booking.

First Visit 1300

Microblading Revisit | Touchup

Touchup performed within 6-8 weeks of initial microblading service

(no additional charge)

3-6 Months 600

6-9 Months 800

9-12 Months 950

12-15 Months 1100

15+ Months 1250

Brow Couture

First Visit 50

Consultation + full service:  wax, trim, tweeze, fill-in.

Second Visit 45

Full service:  wax, trim, tweeze, fill-in.

No Wax - Tweeze Only 50

 Recommended for clients using Retinol/thinning treatments.


First Visit 175 / 2-Week Fill 75 / 3-Week Fill 95 / 4-Week Fill 110


Crown Lashes

The 30-minute lash extension alternative!

Crown Lashes are a fast alternative to individually grafted eyelash extensions and a more natural looking and professional alternative to cluster or strip lashes. Made from synthetic mink fibers, applied within approx. 30 minutes, designed to last 7 days.



Lash or Brow Tinting

Eyelash tinting may be required prior to eyelash extensions.  Must be performed one day prior to eyelash extension application.  Can be performed on same day as eyelash lift treatment.

Upper Lashes 25 / Brow 20


Lash Lift

May be required prior to eyelash extensions.

Must be performed one day prior to eyelash extension application.

Lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

85 Lift / 105 Lift + Tint